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A Whole Month of Goddess Gagged

These spritely young metalings have grown into strapping forces to be reckoned with. 

Goddess Gagged, a five piece progressive rock/ metal outfit from Mumbai, initially scoffed at by the metal community for being too gentle for the scene, is now being grudgingly accepted by the cynics for churning out good quality music. Known for their polished material in contrast to their rawer sounding counterparts, Goddess Gagged’s is a well concocted blend influenced by bands like Karnivool, Porcupine Tree and the like.

Listening to them is like being a part of an odyssey, rich with guitar riffs and deep, dulcet vocals, alternating between clean, melodious and growls and screams. If there ever was a perfect balance between rock and metal, Goddess Gagged are eventually going to be the torchbearers.

Their music sets a melancholy mood, with dark and brooding undertones, filling you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Their new album seems like a mellowish affair compared to the genre, but as you listen to it a couple of times, you realise that their music has multiple layers just waiting to be peeled off. Layers you can’t constrict with a genre.   



Mighty is the chorus and kickass are the vocals.  Modern Machines is a tempest of melody and good old gutturalness combined. And smack in the middle, when you’re least expecting it, they hit you with this kickass riff, so mellow and dare I say, Jazzy? Then, Sunneith from Bhayanak Maut contributes to the song with his signature heavy part, thus adding some brutality to the whole thing. Siddharth dazzles you with his bit, which is a proof of his versatility and the band’s eagerness to experiment with various sounds.



This is one of the catchier songs in their new album, Resurfaces. It’s groovy and manages to stick well enough to play in loop in your head for weeks to come. The opening riff hits you nice and heavy, leading you into the melodic verse, right before it throws you in the middle of an unforgettable chorus.

[youtube_video id=jlzO-nidIJU]



A single from way back when the band didn’t have the charismatic Basrur fronting, Shades is tender vocally (guitarist Arman behind the mic) with the rock edge kicking in at the chorus. The keys & voices are a win, making it good modern rock. And in retrospect, it was a whiff of more new age leanings. 

[youtube_video id=0_Wk_SKSn0U]


Goddess Gagged leaves you with a promise of being one of the biggest bands in the circuit. Their music is smart, and they know what they’re doing. Cynics may argue that their music is too sissy like to be considered compared to the other metal behemoths and that they’re too intent in selling out. But the fact remains that whatever they’re doing works. Their music is everything you want it to be. Soft for the moody days, heavy for the angry days, melancholy for the broody days. They may not inspire huge and violent mosh pits, but they sure can make some darn good music. And that’s all that should really matter in the end.

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