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Ace singer-songwriter A L R Reprise Version of His Debut Hit Single ‘Under The Sheets’ is a Love Dosage with Lots of Heart – Score Indie Reviews

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This reprise version of the 2019 hit, ‘Under the Sheets’ by singer-songwriter Abhilash LR, whose stage name is A L R, is making waves in the music industry for its foray into emotions. Regarding the song, he says, “This reprise version of ‘Under The Sheets’ is deeply personal to me,” shares A L R. “I wanted to create a more intimate rendition of the song, focusing solely on the essence of the songwriting. Working with Bagus Bhaskara on the arrangement has been an incredible experience, and I believe it perfectly captures the emotions I wanted to convey.”

A L R commenced his journey as a soulful singer who recently shifted to Indonesia, which has slowly become a haven of immaculate talent. He found inspiration from the music scene in Indonesia and has incorporated that same essence in this song. Collaborating with an all-Indonesian crew, the song has a soft connotation that makes the listener reminiscent of a lazy Sunday morning with their loved one. 

The song lyrics are simple yet impactful and present an alluring imagery of the innocence of love, which is empowering and imbues utmost happiness. This song feels like an emotionally charged ballad whose lines feel similar to John Mayer’s global hit, ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ as A L R sings, 

“Cuddling, curling under the sheets 

the days when you wake me up

with a kiss on my lips

I thank my lucky stars

for the day I met you, babe.”

The music video has a dream-like quality as it is all white, which evokes a sense of serenity and tranquillity, similar to the feeling of falling in love with the right person. A hint of nostalgia hits about a love everyone dreams of experiencing once in a lifetime, making the song even more poignant. The piano setup and the whole atmosphere exude a positive vibe, which makes the music video appreciable. 

Though the song’s intentions remain wholehearted, the vocals seem disjointed. The musical composition sometimes seems very simplistic, which can merge with the crowd. But the song’s effort and overall appeal are fantastic as it depicts raw emotions which can allure the listener in its spell.

Verdict: Minimalistic, Soft, Alluring

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