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Mohini Dey Releases her Self Titled Debut Album That is a Sublime Mix of Jazz, Rock and RnB Solidying her Skills as an Ace Bassist – Score Indie Reviews

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Mohini Dey is a musical prodigy who plays the electric bass guitar and has performed with the likes of A. R. Rahman, Zakir Hussain and Marco Minnemann, to name a few. Born into a musical family, she was always drawn to the world of music and has diligently carried forward the love she shares with her audience through her superlative music and has showcased her prowess in India and abroad. This year, she released her debut self-titled album, blending contemporary music styles like rock, jazz, RnB, and funk with hints of Carnatic music and Konnakol vocals.

The first track, ‘In-N-Out’, has lively connotations of rock with a memorable intro that treads along the whole song. ‘Introverted Soul’ is a highly energetic and upbeat track that makes the listener feel like attending this live. The superb and difficult guitar jamming made me feel in awe of Mohini, who I would love to see perform her great guitar shreddin’ skills in real life. In the middle of the song, the funky element comes to the foreground with heavy usage of the Tremolo Arm. 

Being a bass virtuoso, ‘Bombay Bong’ is a fun song with a very upbeat vibe that encapsulates her musical inspiration since it perfectly combines jazz, rock and bass. ‘Meat Eater’ and ‘Coloured Goddess’ are exceptional tracks that sway the listener to their beat. Perfect for the morning when you need an extra dosage of serotonin for a happy and lively morning run. ‘First Food Then You’ uses carnatic music ragas to conjoin with contemporary beats, which is a very refreshing take. 

‘Emotion’ is a very interesting track with a subdued tone that, for me, is the album’s highlight. The album does not rely on any vocals, but the music is surely a fresh take, making it really noteworthy. There is no denying Mohini Dey’s exceptional skills, and she has poured her heart and soul into the album, making it shine like a bright star. 

Verdict: Rock, Jazzy, Energetic

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