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7 Reasons to attend LOCALS DISTRICT FESTIVAL 2022 – Score Short Reads

Music festivals are a great way to be around music, like-minded people you can connect to, and in general to have fun. These festivals provide an escape from the hustle-bustle of life. India has been hosting some of the most fun music festivals for decades. One such is The Locals District Festival. Being organised since 2018, Locals District is a boutique techno festival held in the palaces of Rajasthan. After a 2 year long hiatus due to the pandemic, the festival is back with its 4th edition to make you groove on techno beats. It indeed is one of India’s most promising music festivals, here are some reasons you should not miss it – 


This 4th edition of the festival is here with some of the most notable names in techno music. The lineup is filled with talented artists from both around the world and India. DJ- Producer Armen Miran from Iran, DJ-Producer Justine Perry from France, Juma Soundsystem, Rico Casazza, Just B, and deep house legends Catz ‘n Dogz will be in attendance. Some of the Indian artists performing this year include Reverse Osmosis and Mister.k, Technaari, Jitter, Mocid and many more. 


One of the unique features of this festival is its venue. Every year the festival is organised on the premises of palaces across the beautiful state of Rajasthan. And this year is no different. The venue this time is RAM BIHARI PALACE, Alwar. Ram Bihari palace, known as Kishanpur Palace to locals, sits on the foothills of the Aravali mountain range in the ancient city of Alwar. With serene Siliserh Lake in the vicinity & surrounded by the natural forests of Sariska, this palace boasts a unique experience. 


Along with a great music experience, the festival also provides an experience of being a part of this live-in community. For 72 hours, attendees will be living together experiencing the best of Techno music and Indian culture. You get to meet people from all over the world and share memories that will last a lifetime. 


By definition Techno Music is something that’s created out of technology, it is electronic music which represents modernity. And Palaces of Rajasthan represent an ancient world, something which has withstood the test of time. This festival brings the best of both the modern and ancient worlds, an unmatchable experience. You feel connected to both times simultaneously which is what the whole experience is all about.


The festival is in its 4th edition, and each time the organizers have taken it a notch up. This year many international artists are making their Indian debut, which in itself is a good enough reason to attend. Along with great music, the festival is also going to provide an exclusive experience of Indian culture through on-ground participative activities, GINZA, our boutique flea market and selective food experiences. 


It’s not a flick of the fingers to organise a music festival, it takes time and experience to do that. And the team behind this festival can’t be more equipped for such an event. The founder-director of Locals District is Vijay aka Mister. K, who himself is one of the performing artists. In his 20-year-long stints in the music industry,y he has taken up many roles, starting from being a DJ, to being a club owner, running an artist’s management agency and much more. These experiences in and around MusiCares are what make him one of the best hosts in the game.

The festival’s co-founder, Sonia Sekhri has 20 years of experience working in the fashion industry. She has her own leather business in exports & domestic retail. This creative prowess and her love for music are what drive her to host this successful event.


The organisers call it a none-of-its-kind festival, and that fairly remains true. Every music festival in India provides a different experience and this one is also unique in its experiences. It creates a unique blend of audio-visual experiences Even the different stages there have interesting names and stories behind them. 

Locals District is one of the most promising upcoming music festivals in India with an increased number of attendees each year it goes on to be added to the list of music festivals in India people look forward to the most. Early bird passes for the event have all been sold and now the tickets for the festival are out and the seats are filling fast. 

Tickets are available at –

7 Reasons to attend LOCAL DISTRICT FESTIVAL 2022 - Score Short Reads
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