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5 Genres to check out for a spark of variety – Score Short Reads

Being the massive ocean that it is, music doesn’t ever come up short in the genres department. There’s something for everybody to set off on their own exploratory adventures. Think of this article as a checkpoint. And maybe check these genres out. If its the first time, you’re definitely going to find something new. If not, a revisit is always good. 

  1. J-Pop/J-Rock. 
    While K-Pop is taking over the world (as it should because it is great music), Japan is living its own story and it is the main character. Japanese music borrows heavily from traditional western music such as jazz and rock (the old school kind) and flips it on its head to create J-Pop and J-Rock. Borrowing harmonic ideas from Jazz and European classical harmony, and combining it with cutting edge technology like Vocoloid synths, we get something that is a completely unique experience. The linguistics behind the Japanese language lend to some really great phrasing interesting melodies. And of course, a great anime has a great soundtrack too. Some artists to check out are Eve, Yoasobi and Perfume. 
  2. Neo-Soul/R&B
    If there was ever a giant umbrella for what could be considered Neo-Soul/R&B, we probably could have an entire country under it. On one end of the spectrum, you have artists like Tom Misch. And the other end you see Hiatus Kaiyote. Trying to describe this genre in a few words is next to impossible. But it involves a lot of raw sounds (some of that analog synth goodness) and really interesting chordal harmonies. Combine these with an ‘anything goes as long as I love what I’m doing’ attitude and you have a genre that is just as diverse as the artists themselves. Very empowering. Artists like Hiatus Kaiyote, H.E.R. Snoh Aalegra, Tom Misch are a great place to start. 
  3. Jazz Fusion (but the kind from New York)
    Jazz probably gets some eyes rolling. And it gets some ears perked up. One thing is for sure, Jazz Fusion from New York hits different. Artists like Robert Glasper, Aberdeen, Chris Dave, Childish Japes, Tim Lefevbre are all at the top of their game and churn out some of the most unique and distinct sounds to be. 
  4. Drum and Bass
    Something you’d probably really enjoy at the club but not notice further, Drum and Bass or DnB as its called, is a great genre that involves a lot of rhythmic goodness. Heavily electronic and synth driven, the interaction between these elements, is secondary to the locked in tightness that the Drums and the bass have. Artists like Mark Guiliana, Jojo Mayer and Brad Mehldau are amazing at this genre. 
  5. The stuff from your city
    Maybe nothing in this list didn’t hit home for you. Luckily there’s a ton more genres for you to explore and what better place to start than in your own city? The music coming out of India is rarely given the light it deserves and so good music is either ignored or it isn’t allowed to grow and improve. So go to some venues in your city. Check out the music that’s there in your city. If you feel extra explorative, check out stuff from other cities. The internet is great for these things. 
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