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5 Historic Sounds that find its way into modern music -Tech

5 Historic Sounds that find its way into modern music. 

Technological Innovations have always fuelled music’s trajectory. Imagine a world where the grand piano wasn’t developed. Now imagine that music that would be made in such a world. But the old ways of music making that were present at the time of the technology’s inception, have evolved. And they’re making a comeback lately. That could be a great thing if you’re listening to music and want to explore sounds that are similar. Or if you’re making music, this could give you a great idea on things you can try musically. 

  1. Moog Basses (or really any sounds that were made from a Moog synth)
    The Moog synthesiser changed how music was made, heard and sold. The likes of Keith Emerson, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, really popularised the sounds that came out of these synths. And the fact that we see Bruno Mars and Dua Lipa using them, shows us how timeless these sounds are. 
  2. 808
    The Roland 808 drum machine revolutionised the rhythm world and beat-driven genres like Hip-Hop. And this sound never really disappeared so much as, it became a staple of the industry since. The distinct punchy kick along with the boomy pitched note adds depth to the song and you know one when you hear one. 
  3. Shotgun snares
    A classic of the 80s, this shotgun snare is unmistakable. Triggered drums were really in vogue during the 80s. And the shotgun snare was a staple. There isn’t really a way to describe it other than ‘that 80s drum sound’ so it always adds a great retro flare to the sound.
  4. Retro Synth Sounds
    Sounds that come out of the legendary synths like the Prophet, Roland Jupiter, etc. are famous because these synths built on the legacy of the Moog synth’s idea of a portable synth and made it accessible to people. Sounds of the Prophet can be found in some great Neo-soul music lately and the warmth it adds really makes a great difference. 
  1. DX7
    This legendary synth from Yamaha was one of the biggest innovations in music technology and the Electric Piano sound that came from it shaped the music of the 80s. It’s remained timeless since then and continues to work in a number of modern day settings as well. Can’t go wrong with this synth’s sounds. The tech has trickled down to a lot of modern day Yamaha synths too. 
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