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7 Indie albums you need to check out!

Ird Gird-Joshish

When a decade old post-progressive rock finally comes out with an album you know you are in for some good music. Joshish has Sameer Rahat on vocals and bass along with Sanjeev Aguiar and Shardul Donde on guitar. Ird Gird is the result of two years of hard work with each track being given a lot of individual attention with separate album artwork as well. The title track Ird Gird, Riha and Ho Subah are the tracks which stand out amongst all the rock numbers. The album as a whole is a good step in the genre of post-progressive rock music.

Electronic Gharana- Eashwar Subramanian’s

Electronic music is all the rage today and there are various avant garde takes on it. One such simplistic take is Eashwar Subramanian’s album Electronic Gharana. Subramanian is an amateur musician trained in Carnatic who is known for his western classical music. This album has seven tracks, each in a league of its own. Let Go of The Past and More Like Noise are soulful tracks and are sure to touch a chord with listeners. The music ranges between techno and jazztronica. The experimental music intends to be minimalistic and overall the album is a good step in electronic music production.

Hard Kaur The Rising, Mixtape Vol-1

Hip hop and rap music got a new lease of life in the country with the emergence of Hard Kaur on the scene and she is back with her latest album-The Rising. The rapper has introduced 30 Indian artistes in this album which is exclusively available on Apple Music. The video of the All Starz Anthem has been shot entirely on an iPhone and is a new step in how digital media is created. This project which has 17 tracks is a result of two decades of hard work and doesn’t disappoint, giving voice to so many upcoming hip-hop artists.

Polaris-Akash Vincent

Akash Vincent is a singer and songwriter. Along with his band members-drummer and co-producer Nikhil Mawkin, bassist Abhinav Khokhar and with Rohit Gupta on keyboard and trumpet-he has come up with his second EP Polaris. In the works for two years, Polaris doesn’t disappoint. It is a collection of five songs and all the tracks are soulful, Free and Troublesome shining through touching a chord with the listener. It traces his journey and the introspective tone of the creations pulses through.

Jwala-a collection of songs by various artistes

Jwala is the debit 9 song album of a collaborations of artistes from Mumbai and Pune. It is a quirky collection of music which is a pleasure to listen to due to the sheer eclectic mix of artistes. It includes slow soft music, a rap song and even a dubstep track. I Wasn’t Really Thinking and Umi are the most soothing tracks one has heard in a while. Cowboy and Sailor Man also stands out. This collective shows what collaborations with like-minded artistes can contribute to indie music. Artistes include Gowri Jayakumar, Veer Kowli, Karan Kanchan, Nikunj Patel, Ayush Jajoria, Apurv Agrawal, Brij Dalvi and Palash Kothari.

One Year One House-Aarya Gadkari

This 19-year old’s debut album clearly reflects that the future of indie pop music in India is in good hands. A contestant of The Stage 2, Aarya Gadkari’s debut EP One Year One House is pop-rock record and is a collection of songs based on his personal life experiences. The album has six songs, each with a different theme based on break-ups, heartache, family, love, travel and the lyrics are relatable. Though the tracks seem promising, there is still a long way to go for this young artist.

Pieces That Do Not Fit-Dhruv Kumar

A multilingual album, Pieces That Do Not Fit is an album with mixed genres. The songs have been arranged and composed by Dhruv Kumar and features top notch Indie artists such as Skrat, Parvaaz, Alexis and White Mug. The video of Moneyshot featuring Skrat has an eclectic video and is a mixstep of dubstep and swing music. Bahar featuring Khalid Ahamed is another track worth mentioning. This is Kumar’s first EP and is a step towards founding new genres or rather blurring the lines between different kinds of music.

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