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5 things you need to know about Dream Theater India tour!

Dream Theater to make their long-awaited India concert debut on October 8th, 2017 in Mumbai

The legendary American band Progressive Rock/Metal band will be performing in  India as a part of their grand ‘Images, Words & Beyond’- 25th Anniversary tour at the MMRDA, Grounds. The curator of this much awaited concert Cyrus Gorimar said “What started as a DREAM became a REALITY but he realized that the REALITY was the DREAM…Yes DREAM THEATER”.

There’s been some exponential growth in the live shows that have been hosted in this country, but nothing could top 2017 like a Dream Theater concert.

When one of the founding bands of progressive music decides to do a gig in India, you don’t really need a reason to attend it. However, here are some pointers we’d like to mention in case you haven’t bought your tickets yet.

1. It’s going to be a trip down memory lane for every 90’s kid growing up with prog, since this concert is a part of the 25th Anniversary Tour of Dream Theater’s Images and Words album. Having looked at the set lists from previous shows on the tour, we’ve seen that the band has incorporated songs from across their musical journey. So if you’re worried about missing out on old tracks like Metropolis Part 1, rest assured, you’re covered.

2. The performance is also scheduled for around 3 hours, which is probably the longest concert you’ve ever attended and completely plausible for a band that writes 24 minute-long tracks.

3. Dream Theater is known to be very particular about their sound, and they’re going to be bringing around 9000 kgs worth of equipment, including side fills, sound consoles, monitors, amps, microphones and cables. All that is being provided to them is a stage and PA. Considering this, get ready for what will be arguably the best live show sound you have ever witnessed.

4. They are coming in with Drum Kit which weighs almost a ton and massive guitars too.

5. We’re looking at one of the largest progressive music fan bases that has been waiting for this day for years, if not decades. A footfall in five digit figures is expected, so while the venue might be large make sure you buy your pass as soon as possible and get there well before time.Gates open at 6 pm, and food and beverages along with parking have been arranged for. All in all, brace yourselves for what will be one of the biggest events in the history of progressive music in India.

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