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India Music Summit: October 27th to 29th!

Music concepts in association with MTV presents a first of its kind gathering of over 50 artists celebrating Non-Bollywood music in the form of MTV India Music Summit. The summit, which will be attended by artists from various backgrounds and belonging to different genres of music, will be held from October 27 to 29, 2017, at the scenic locales of Fairmont in Jaipur.

The summit will be a congregation of music lovers and musicians under one marquee and the kind that straddles a rare variety of genres – from Hindustani and Carnatic classical to jazz, folk, devotional, electronica and more and will enthrall audiences for three days in the beautiful city of Jaipur.

Designed to dissolve the distance between the stage and the audience, where the energy of the music, musicians and music lovers becomes one, the Summit aims to create new sound and content, get artistes out of their comfortable templates, disrupt the existing myths surrounding genres and create platforms to showcase themselves the way the world hasn’t seen or heard before.

India Music Summit will allow attendees to discover a different side to the Thumri queen Girija Devi and watch her converse and croon with Pandit Jasraj, understand the world and viewpoint of Carnatic classical wonder TM Krishna, watch sitar maestro Shujaat Khan’s famed gayaki and meld with the contagious sax riffs of American saxophone player George Brooks and Lesle Lewis’ master production ideas, be seduced by Kaushiki Chakraborty’s passionate thumris, get into the jazz bar with Vasundhara Vee and have folk throb through the heart and the soul.

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