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5 Reasons To Apply For the Singer-Songwriter Contest – Score short Reads

With partners like Compass Box Studios, OK Listen, and Big Bang Music, The Singer-Songwriter Contest is back with its second season. The contest is open for indie singers from all over the country and the entrants are required to submit their videos in one take. Instead of the recording quality, the focus would be on the composition. Following are a few reasons why rising indie musicians must make use of this stellar opportunity.

Winners from last season

The previous season’s winning lineup included Anoushka Maskey, Tabitha Kagoo, and Sheil Sager. The three winners are all respected artists with a significant discography. Maskey, for instance, has been dominating 2020 with her two EPs Things I Saw in a Dream in August and C.E.A.S.E. This shows that the contest does bear impressive results with some impressive artists.

Exclusive Release and Distribution of Winners Single

Once a singer emerges as the winner of the contest, their single gets to be exclusively produced and recorded at Ahmedabad’s Compass Box Studios. If that was not enough, the song would then be distributed via a music video through Big Bang Music. The winner would also be awarded a ProCraft guitar. Anoushka Maskey explains her experience shooting a one-take video with her winning single as follows, ‘When I learned that the session would literally be a one-take, I took a minute to wrap my head around it. Once we dived into the process, however, I felt less and less apprehensive and fell in love with how everything came together.’

Amazing Judges

A good winning team requires a good judging panel. Last year’s judges need no introduction, including the likes of Nikhil D’Souza, and Mali. This year’s panel is equally appealing with Hindi playback singer and indie artist Shalmali Kholgade, 23-year-old indie heartthrob Hanita Bhambri, along with acoustic guitarist, producer, and vocalist Dhruv Visvanath.

The Perks Of Runner-Ups

Not only winners but even the runners-up of the Singer-Songwriter Contest get good-enough perks. Apart from a Live Session at Compass Box Studio, they would also get single distribution through OK Listen and a Focusrite recording bundle through ProMusicals. Sheil adds that winning a Focusrite Interface from ProMusicals has helped me tremendously in-home recordings as well as live performances.

A Great Platform For Indie Music

At the end of the day, the Contest must be given heed to as it is open to all indie artists from India, irrespective of their language or genre. What more does an indie artist? In fact, if their winning single gains traction, it might be a great stepping stone for the artist to win further acclaim. As Tabitha Kagoo sums it up, ‘My experience of recording a single with the Compass Box Studio team was nothing short of a dream-come-true moment! Writing Ephesians 4:16 was a very intimate experience for me. To have it arranged by the talented musicians at Compass Box was a very pleasant and rewarding experience.’

Apply now-

5 Reasons To Apply For the Singer-Songwriter Contest - Score short Reads
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