Studio Tour: Compass Box Studio, Ahmedabad : Score Short Reads

1. Tell us about the space 

Compass Box Studio is about 5 minutes away from Ahmedabad airport and is tucked away in the tranquil scenery of the outskirts of the city. The space itself is almost hexagonal, which made the construction much easier since we didn’t have any natural right angles.

This does wonders for drums, electric guitars and loud instruments, and is tight enough for vocal tracking without the need for an additional isolation booth, so it is just one live room. The studio can accommodate up to 7 people playing live – as seen on our YouTube Live Sessions, but again, feels cozy for single and duo tracking. We have been very fortunate in that all the artists that have come to record here love the vibe and the space, and since we are all musicians, we have created a space that we would like to spend time in, with the colours, lighting and mood all contributing to that comfort. 

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