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Wanna be Akon’s chammak challo?

When ‘The King Khan’ first welcomed Akon to India in a Ra.One event, we all were positively sure that Akon had a new song especially for the Indian public up his sleeve.

Shahrukh Khan has called in Akon to do a number for his new 100 crore movie ‘Ra.One’ which is set to release this Diwali. The song which was leaked a few days ago, spread around the internet before Robin Scherbatsky could say “but umm…” the second time. The song which is called ‘Chammak Challo’ has been released on many file-sharing sites and people have even uploaded videos including its lyrics on youtube.

The song has Akon sing in english as well as hindi(which is surprisingly good). The song starts off with an Indian beat and then he starts off in english which leads to the following hindi lines:

Kaisa sharmaana aaja nach ke dikha de.
Aa meri hove aaja parda gira de.
Aa meri akhiyon se akhiyan mila le.
Ab tu na nakhre dikha..”

Then the chorus “wanna be my chammak challo,o o o…” hits in.
Its actually a pretty catchy song. Im surprised that Akon sang the hindi bit well. I wonder whether he learnt hindi from the same person who taught Katrina Kaif hindi.

Akon’s next album ‘Stadium’ which was to be released in September 2010 has been postponed to September 13th this year. He has said that this song would also feature in his new album. Akon said “It was very challenging to sing the song, especially the pronunciation, but it turned out well.”

There have been many rumours saying that the leak was a publicity stunt by the Ra.One team to keep the audience more excited for the official album launch and the movie too.

So, if you guys have not heard the song yet, its a must listen to. I heard this song atleast 7 times in the past hour and still cannot get enough of it.

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