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Zohran Miranda’s Heavy On Time is heavy on the feels: Score Indie Reviews

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Producer Zohran Miranda has been helming atmospheric singles for quite some time and Heavy On Time is no exception. Be it with its brass and bass-heavy arrangement or dystopian animated music video, the song makes every bit of its 5-minute duration worth the listen.

The song builds up moodily as Rushad Mistry’s bass and Jai Row Kavi’s drums start kicking in at a steady pace. The toned-down vocals soothingly go along with Miranda’s production while the instrumentation raises the energy for a perfectly catchy chorus.

And as the refrain progresses towards the end, Crehyl Pereira graces the track with some upbeat brass portions. All in all, the amalgamation results in a jazzy twist on Miranda’s usual synth-pop sound.

And then of course, there is the aforementioned visual that has been animated and directed by Vineel Patil from The Broken Tusk. The video relies on comic-book-style animation to depict a futuristic gladiator match which is then interrupted when both fighters end up sympathizing with each other.

When soldiers compel them to continue the fight to satisfy the audience’s bloodlust, both end up escaping through a high-tech car. Amidst the chaos that ensues, a bomb randomly drops resulting in a nuclear mushroom cloud. A tree then goes on to bloom out of this description. The video is definitely surreal and poetic in this manner.

The synth-heavy approach to the overall production suits the video and also makes the song worthy of being heard on repeat. If you too are an aficionado of electro-pop acts like Chromeo and Nile Rogers, then just imagine the same vibes with the certain ‘edge’ and you would enjoy Zohran Miranda’s offerings like Heavy On Time.

Verdict: Dramatically groovy.

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