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Peekay collaborates with Jonathan Edward for You Don’t Have To, a vibey subversion of a tiring relationship: Score Indie Reviews

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Romance will continue dominating the indie-pop scene, be it with cliches or a subversion of these cliches. When it comes to Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Peekay’s new single You Don’t Have To, it falls in the latter category as she helms a catchy, calming, and most of all, relatable tune out of an overdone and toxic relationship.

The essence of the lyrics lies in a perspective that stems out of ‘second chance’ relationships. There comes a point in a few romantic relationships when both partners tend to be exhausted with each other’s existence and are together in an obligatory sense rather than actually feeling any love for each other. Peekay presents such issues satirically in the ‘blues-y’ tune You Don’t Have To.

When it comes to the production and backing vocals, she is assisted by Jonathan Edward who also appears in the vibrant music video. Just like the song, the video too plays out as a satirical take on the usual cheery pop cliches. So, while the visuals are all bright and colorful, Peekay’s lyrics do depict the toxicity of an obsessive lover and the monotony of a failed romance.

This bittersweet combo works well as Peekay still doesn’t rely on yesteryear concepts of heartbreak and the subsequent melancholia. Rather, this song is a testimony of acceptance that’s summed up by Peekay’s confidence and Edward’s ambient guitaring.

If there is one thing that is common between this single and Peekay’s previous release Much Better, it’s that her sound is quite universal and uplifting. Even global fans of English pop might have something or the other to appreciate in positive tracks such as You Don’t Have To. It breaks the usual tropes and perfectly balances drastic tones resulting in a song that needs to be in your playlist.

Verdict: ‘You don’t have to’ think much to appreciate Peekay and her easygoing charm.

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