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Zoe Siddharth – Chasing: Score Indie Reviews

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Zoe Siddharth is a Singer-Songwriter, Actor/Model from India, born in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. She believes that music connects one another and aims to spread positivity and confidence through music. Zoe strives to be raw, real and honest with her music. Her songs speak her truth, tell stories that spread uplifting messages intended for the listeners.

This world has so much negativity and hence, Zoe Siddharth wants to create a safe happy space for people to find solace in, even if it’s just for a while. She has recently released a track called “Chasing” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Chasing” is a song about learning to pick yourself up off the ground, to stop chasing someone and to just be there for yourself. Sometimes, we are better off on our own. The music video tells a story of a tired girl: tired of being sad, tired of thinking about him and tired of doing nothing about it.

Her body helps her move out of that corner she always sits in, out of the sweater that smells of him and out of the loneliness without him. She comes to the realisation that she doesn’t want to go chasing after someone, losing herself in the process, she wants happiness and she finds it all on her own.

One of the attractions of Zoe Siddharth’s songwriting and singing is how visual it can be; whether it’s her dynamic style or the coiling intertwining strands of varying scenes in her video. There’s vividness and purpose in every aspect of “Chasing”. Each listen reveals another layer as your senses are drawn ever deeper into the tune. Throughout the track are subtle playful breaks and stretches that bring a certain joy and elation resulting in an engaging musical journey from start to finish.

“Chasing” is a bold and inspiring song that will elevate your soul, definitely something you would want to listen to on repeat.

Verdict: Uplifting

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