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ZARIYA : A fresh take on introspection – Score Short Reads

ZARIYA : A fresh take on introspection – Score Short Reads

Seldom do we come across songs which hit close to home both musically and lyrically. This song for sure is one of such. Written and performed by Gitansh Arora ‘Teck’, a singer-songwriter based in Canberra, Australia along with Producer Boudhayan Kundu ‘Hurricane’, who hails from Asansol, West Bengal, Zariya is a reflection on change one person goes through, accepting that change and going forward.

As Teck says “A beat has a story to tell in itself”, the Lo-fi production by Hurricane wraps around the lyrics which turns into melodic rap by Teck perfectly to create an introspective sound.  Both the artists being very close to each other creatively works for the best of the song as it feels intimate. And the lyrics are the result of an introspective week that Teck took in Melbourne which definitely touches the listener’s heart.


Sabar bas ab



Saara Jaahaan



kadam Kadam

Badhe chahe ho

Saara Jahaan

Khilaaf “

A song is all about the experience you have once you are plugged in and as these words from Zariya go around in your headphones you can’t help but be introspective. Songs like this stay with you for long as they dive deep into one’s thoughts.

According to Teck, this song is about “getting ahead with oneself ” which one can easily catch on as you go along the lyrics. It’s all about how we change with time, how our surroundings change, and how we can accept it and move ahead embracing all those changes.

When asked what message do they want to convey with their music, Gitansh ‘Teck’ answers, ” take a deep breath and focus on yourself, have a plan but that plan should not be the only thing you focus on”, to which Boudhayan ‘Hurricane’ adds, “Its important to forgive yourself and as many times as you want”. These young artists resonate the feelings of many more out there in the world juggling with life in itself and trying to make a story out of it.

Indie music scene in India might not be huge right now but we need to spread more of this kind of music where artists pour their souls into songs like these. There are so many artists waiting to be discovered just like Gitansh who’s in Australia far away from his country, studying IT, working part time plus making amazing music and Boudhayan who’s in Ranchi studying engineering, producing  dope music (and correcting people to pronounce his good name.)

Cheers to these artists and their work which makes us look back and introspect our lives.

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