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Yush!’s Carbs is a smooth R&B-style jam: Score Indie Reviews

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Yush! is a new solo project by Mumbai-based singer, songwriter, music director and composer Soham Pathak. While Pathak has had experience in scoring for films, jingles, web series, and his own music, Yush! provides an artistic medium for him to reveal his tryst with pop in general, and retro synth pop in particular. 

Carbs has a few familar (if not a tad bit overdone) lyrics that one might hear in similar English R&B and electro-pop songs. To put it simply, the artist remembers a woman in his life and his attempts to get her back. As the themes of the song make it clearer, the relationship seems to be a toxic one and this song might be his one last chance to win her back.

Mixed reactions can be drawn from these lyrical elements, depending upon the listener’s interpretation from the track. The first verse opens up with Pathak saying that he has found a lady who’s the ‘mommy type’ (again it might have different interpretations from different listeners). The chorus is slightly catchy, even if rhyming ‘papi player’ with ‘serenade ya’ might not work for all. The second verse definitely improves greatly with a standout and relevant line being, ‘I’ve been in self-quarantine before the virus got in scene’. 

Coming to the production, Pathak’s musical alter ego definitely brings out a new and experimental sound on his part that goes on to show his versatility. Coupled with the smooth, groovy backing tracks are of course, his own auto-tune enhanced vocals that fit the overall sound very well. Overall, Carbs sounds like a perfect slow jam for a nightime chilling scene or late night drive. It is definitely worth checking out and goes on to show how Pathak can change colors from being a leading composer in the Marathi film industry to the smooth-talking popstar that is Yush!. 

Verdict: A smooth and groovy tune giving off a fine R&B/electro-pop sound. 

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