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Wonderflip Festival: In conversation with Gaudi

Gaudi, London based Dub / Electronica artist spoke to us about his upcoming concert at the much awaited Wonderflip, a magical circus, what to expect from his set list, future projects and more.

Date: 9th to 12th November 2017

Venue: Khempur, Udaipur


Tell us about your music and what makes it unique?

My music contains solid roots from the past, its projected to the future, but its living and enjoying the present. It is not up to me to say that my music is special, it’d be a little too pretentious, I’m just happy to simply say that my music is authentic. That’s it really.

What’s going to be on the set list of the Wonderflip Festival’s 1st edition? 

In the past, every time I prepared my live set earlier before my show, it happened that when on stage I was not following what I had prepared before, so I stopped planning what to do with my music. Two fundamental elements when I play live are spontaneity and improvisation, and this is what I will bring at the Wonderflip.

Are there any new songs that the audiences can look forward to?

Yes, a good 60% of my live show is composed by new tracks I did, so I’d suggest to keep an eye on them! Most of them are still unreleased, others are new arrangements of some of my classics, from “Sufani” to “Bad Boy Bass”, from “Ayahuasca Deep Fall” to “Put Your Guns Down”. Stay tuned!

What’s your take on the growth of music festivals in India?

I feel very happy to see that India has now so many beautiful music festivals, but what makes me even happier is the fact the lineups  in general are top level!

Indian people have a very good taste and very various, not following only the trend but researching new styles. Maximum respect for this!

Tell us about your upcoming projects

Collaborative album with ambient pioneers and grammy award winners Deep Forest, two songs I wrote for rising reggae star Hollie Cook featured on her forthcoming album ‘Vessel Of Love’, dub album ‘Havana Meets Kingston’, collaborative album with “producer guru” Youth, two songs I co-wrote for The Orb’s new album, remix I did for Ukrainian stars ‘Dakhabrakha, two dub version I did for reggae ambassador Cian Finn, two songs I co-wrote and produced for Soom T.

Your message to people who would be coming to the festival

Enjoy every single live performance at Wonderflip, enjoy it LIVE, not from the screen of your phone, watch the stage and watch the people around you. Enjoy the moment, forget about filming or recording the show, you probably not even gonna watch it back again. Some emotions that you perceive LIVE in those moments travel directly into your heart, the place where the real memories are stored!

One love.


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