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Gig Review :: Witchouse

A very hands on approach with the  whole Soundgarden feel somehow twisted in with The Cranberries with all due credit to the vocalist and your impromptu guitars that kept the club heavy and lit up. 


There are vocalist who tend to hit those c-5’s and tend to screech in their quest of vocal retribution to only find themselves ruined beyond redemption, although, the vocals from ‘Chuck’? They were contained. Hitting those high ones yet holding his own, I guess going with that Soundgarden/Cranberry feel ran deeper than just feel and face.

 A special note to the guitarist, guess it’s got something to do with that deep rooted artistic expression that elevates the performance and illuminates to all else gathered, in a word? Bengali. Reminded me of a somber Slash from his days when he was with Guns. A whole lot of feel with this guy too. Nicely done.
The band soon played a cover of RHCP’s cover, Californication.  
Nothing eccentric here, to be honest, nothing outrageous. It was just missing that Oomph factor that had you stop and listen, not to the start or the end but the entire song and use its original as a pedestal, regardless such judgment is negligible and almost nullified when your staring at an average high schoolish cover of a song that took us all by storm, a song that was almost everyones at one point in their painful or painless lives. Played at every girls get together of an orchestrated initiation towards their undying love for Anthony Kiedis. When you choose to take a song like this on and cover it you are expected to deliver and deliverance was simply, missing.  

Every now and then you’ve got your band on stage as they lean over to the other and there’s this nod of approval, with the vocalist doing a split second one eighty of his head and checking his drummer. Honestly? This just shows a struggle. All in all the performance was good, top notch vocals echoing through the club yet if you choose to let your eyes wander and you find yourself looking at a discretional and soaked struggle within the band. So much for being in your element. 

The Animal Instinct another cover, The Cranberries
As expected, vocals did deliver. As if to say that “Yes! My vocals have been moulded to this and perfected to deliver this form of musical therapy”. Yes, music therapy.
Well done with assured deliverance. Yet you had this nagging voice in the back of your head that screamed out to be grabbed your ankles and pulled down and under. Take me! Push it!

A personal favorurite would be the Billie Jean cover. Chuck righteously massacring with this one.
The rest of the band decided to take five and then there was just one, armed with his guitar.
An acoustic performance here, no struggle, blissful vocals that had you think to yourself that the kids got it and he can sure deliver. Regardless of the tad struggle here and there it got everyone.  
Seven ration army, yet another cover. An overly compensated bass line which was not really required and my guess is the band figured too through the into and turned it down a notch. With the guitars off on a couple of levels, it reminded me of a cat screeching every now and then when he choose to bend and hit those notes in resemblance to the likes of , Jack White.  

A special mention to Chuck for  carrying this four piece band 

A song about being sorry and reformation, an own composition at last!
Something to do with saving yourself from ruin and looking at complete reformation. The vocals did it for all of us.
A whole lot of  feel from this guy. Noticeable feel the kind that hits you in the back of your head and reminds of you. Hey! I see a little Vedder to this guy, some kind of influential musicality from Freddie Mercury. Well done. Very nicely done. 
Consequential behavior the band closing with this song, being another own composition by the band.
Off timed beats did nice to this number. A very innovative bass line that climbed with the vocals. My my. Chuck took us by all by surprise with this one. 

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