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Wired Anxiety set to release debut EP – “The Eternal Maze”


It’s time for some bloody Groove! Mumbai Groove Metallers Wired Anxiety are all set to release their debut EP – “The Eternal Maze”.


It’s about time! Mumbai Groove metal band Wired Anxiety is all set to release their highly awaited debut EP – “The Eternal Maze”.  Very popular in the Mumbai metal scene, Wired Anxiety are known for their signature blend of Groove Metal, combining groove-packed riffs with brutal drumming and guttaral vocals. The band was founded in 2009 and has steadily carved a niche for itself through the years. Wired Anxiety has performed all over the country, headlining several concerts and festivals such as Unchained 2012, Moshpit 2012, Meatfest, Metaclysm and Abyss 2012.

L-R Priyam, Naval, Adwait and Dheeraj

The band comprises of Dheeraj Govindraju (Vocals), Naval Katoch (Guitars), Adwait Jadhav (Bass) and Priyam Srivastava (Drums). According to the band, “their songs explore various facets of life, spreading a message with a unique feel and ensuring complete annihilation at the same time.

Their debut EP, titled “The Eternal Maze”, is set to be released in July 2012. In the band’s own words:

“The EP revolves around the theme of how humanity has been manipulated and brainwashed through ages by corrupt politicians and corporates by means of religion and media, how we are all caught in an infinite maze and are always searching for purpose of existence with no hope in sight, the only way out of which is to break the walls which holds us down and get over negative emotions to emerge into light.”

The EP was recorded at Demonic Studios in Mumbai and has been mixed and mastered by Sahil “The DemonStealer” Makhija. The surreal cover artwork has been designed by the vocalist of Dheeraj.  The track listing is as follows

  1. Gates of Deception
  2. Maze of Misery
  3. Ascent To The Abyss
  4. Fleshbound Bloodhound (ApVocalypse Version)
  5. Shades of Black

An interesting aspect of the EP is the song “Fleshbound Bloodhound“, which will witness Guest Vocals by Arun Iyer (Devoid), Jimmy Bhore (Zygnema), Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection), Aditya Barve (Gutslit) and Kunal Gonsalvez (Stark Denial). That’s All-Mumbai Metal Mayhem for you! 

For more information about Wired Anxiety, check the following links:

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