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Why is Rebecca Black still singing?

  Rebecca Black is back with her new single called ‘Sing It’, and she means business this time. “Sing it, you !@#!$@$^!” is what she really wants to say.

When you’re responsible for a song like Friday, you would play it one last time in surround sound and then kill yourself. It’s not protocol of course, but it is polite. Whatever you decide to do, you will never EVER release another song.  But in this crass improper world, polite is being thrown out of the window with more flourish than needed. Rebecca Black is back with a new single and she demands that you sing it.

Before anything, let’s list what we’ve established since her last song:

a) She cannot, cannot sing. For nuts or for anything else.

b) It should be illegal for someone so irritating to smile this much without any apparent reason.

[youtube_video id=kfVsfOSbJY0]

Now, here’s what her new single tells us:

a) She still can’t sing.


c) Somebody throw a punch at her, please!

[youtube_video id=hGO1K-BWHns]

So much for thinking that anything she would spew out now would only be an improvement. Yes, agreed that this time she’s not gravely contemplating on which seat to sit, or which one of her friends with braces is her best friend, but it still looks like she’s moonlighting at a meth lab. The song is loaded with peppy lines like ‘Live it up’ and ‘Got My Headphones On’. These coupled with a video of her laughing unnecessarily and the whole thing looking like an extended tampon advertisement, you might want to throw up a little in your mouth later. 

What I don’t understand is why is she still singing? There is no way even her tender mother could have convinced her that Friday was Grammy material, what with those bomb threats and whatnot! Then why would she go ahead and readily throw her pretty self to the wolves again? 

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