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R.I.P Adam Yauch

The Beastie boy’s member and co-founder Adam Yauch passed away on Friday, 4th may, after a three year long battle with cancer of the salivary gland. In honour of the hip hop giant, we bring you a playlist of the most loved beastie boys songs over the years.

The Beastie Boys were the first ever white boys to burst onto the hip hop scene. Adam Yauch, a member and a co-founder, also owned his own film company, directed quite a few videos and was a passionate political activist. He supported several causes like freedom for Tibet, racism against muslims in America, and many more.

He will be sorely missed. As a tribute to this amazing man, we bring you the top five Beastie Boys songs.

5.Shake your Rump – Paul’s boutique (1989)

[youtube_video id==BptQHAW2T5M]

4. Hey Ladies – Paul’s Boutique (1989)

This one hit #36 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is also the first single in history to chart in the Top 20 of both the Billboard Hot Rap Singles and Modern Rock Tracks charts, hitting #10 on the former and #18 on the latter.

[youtube_video id=Naf5uJYGoiU]

3. (You gotta) Fight for your right (To party!) – Licensed to Ill (1986)

Straight off the debut album, this was probably the most popular Beastie boys song. It pratically became a party anthem – there was no frat party you couldn’t go to without hearing this one. this the song that had them make it BIG.

[youtube_video id=eBShN8qT4lk]

2. Sabotage – Ill Communication (1994)

Sabotage is honestly more like a rock song than a rap song. *Instant head banging*

[youtube_video id=z5rRZdiu1UE]

1. Intergalactic – Hello Nasty (1998)

Intergalactic, The first grammy winner! Robotic beats and a crazy video. Enjoy.

[youtube_video id=qORYO0atB6g]

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