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What struck a chord with us at IFP Season 12 Festival: Score Short Reads

IFP Season 12 Festival, Asia’s Largest Gathering of Creative Enthusiasts was held on the 8th & 9th of October at the Filmistan Studios in Mumbai. With four stages, multiple experience zones, exhibitions, and whatnot, the attendees had plenty to choose from. This year’s festival took a completely different direction compared to previous editions. IFP envisioned the festival to be more immersive, experience-driven, and welcoming to a diverse range of creators such as filmmakers, musicians, writers, designers, storytellers, podcasters, stand-up artists, photographers, advertisers, and many others.

There was something for everyone but for musicians, IFP Season 12 Festival was a gold mine. The festival featured a variety of prominent musicians who taught, entertained, and even performed live!

The first day featured the likes of Sriya Lenka, India’s first K-pop star, who took the stage to talk about her musical journey; Sneha Khanwalkar, who taught the audience how to master the art of collaboration; OAFF, who did a live music breakdown of Gehraiyaan; Raghav Meattle and Kanishk Seth (Trio) who fired up the evening with their amazing live performances and many other brilliant musical experiences. The day concluded with the 50-Hour Music Challenge Award Ceremony, where winners were recognized in front of thousands of people.

The second day was no exception. It all started with a talent-packed session featuring internet sensations like Yashraj Mukhate, Anshuman Sharma, and Dipraj Sharma. It was followed by Ragasur’s 10 Music Production Hacks that every music producer should know, Anyasa’s collaborative classroom on the process of DJing, Rahgir, Raghav Meattle, Osho Jain, and Hanita Bhambri’s 10 Hacks on how to make it big without a label, The Yellow Diary’s musical journey over the years, and much more! The day also included live music performances by IFP’s previous winners and indie musicians Rahgir and Hanita Bhambri.

Overall, the festival was a lot of fun! Thousands of well-known creators and artists traveled from all over the world to participate in this one-of-a-kind celebration of new-age contemporary culture and creativity. There was always something to do, something to experience, and something to learn and that’s what made the IFP Season 12 Festival so special.

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