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After making waves on the coveted international radio airplay charts among some of the biggest global music stars with his last few releases, NCR based artist Vineet released his latest single titled ‘i Pray’ on June 1st, 2021. The single that leans into the power of prayer, will mark Vineet’s foray into the genre of Hip-Hop.

Vineet announced the release of his new track soon after he achieved a rare feat in early May when he became one of the few artists to have two tracks (So New & Jab The World) in the top 20 of the DRT Top 50 Rock Airplay charts (an honour shared by the likes of Evanescence, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons and AC/DC).

This is known to be a rarity for even established artists to have two tracks high up in the list, so it’s definitely something to celebrate for an English language artist from India. 

The mid-tempo motivational single, “i Pray” is more inclined towards the practice rather than preach approach. The wide stereo sound design encases an awesome trap hip hop style groove. 

In Vineet’s own words, the track is one’s own form of personal prayer embedded in an easy flowing hip-hop groove, which would remind the listener, “There’s a shiny life force inside ya…”

“Prayer is the only way to connect to the life force inside each one of us with the larger source of life that created us all. It’s the engine that jump starts optimism, a prayer is hardly religious; it is the most honest conversation one can have with oneself. And optimism just like a prayer is ‘O2 for the soul’,” says Vineet. 

Among the many things that really cannot be praised highly enough, the arrangements are outstanding. They create and reflect the physical space in sound. Featuring some hope filled lines such as:

We just gotta we just gotta make us feel better

We just gotta we just gotta drown our fear

Embrace all the hope reborn inside ya… ye eh…

It would be easy to draw comparisons with other singers but that would be lazy and disingenuous to Vineet whose voice hides little in the way of emotion but it is not mawkish. His voice oozes empathy, not sympathy. With “i Pray”, Vineet has continued his string of excellent releases. Expect him to continue to regale us with his brilliance.

Verdict: Excellent.

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