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Sumesh Narayanan- Rising: Score Indie Reviews

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Sumesh Narayanan is a professional musician in the field of South Indian Classical music with a career spanning over a decade and over 1,000 performances around the world. He has been a part of a number of world music ventures with world renowned artists and institutions as part of prestigious festivals showcasing a varied interest in different styles and forms of music. Sumesh has recently released a terrific track called “Rising”, and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Rising” sounds like Sumesh Narayanan’s love letter to the world of fusion music, ambient music, and the ethereal realms beyond. The track definitely makes him look like one of the outstanding talents in the broad subgenre of fusion music, and he’s as distinctive in his own way as anybody else in this field. He has a clear understanding of melody and “Rising” is an expansive tune that unfolds slowly as the listener can sit back and get lost in its multi-coloured reverie of tinkling textures, folksy vocal melodies, shimmering synths and idyllic beats. 

Sumesh Narayanan’s songwriting talent definitely adds a lot of magnetism to this track and even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the inherent soul and texture of Sumesh’ voice will make you feel like you are hearing something meaningful. His music is not trying to impress, it’s just laid out before you. Let yourself be enveloped by the cloud of expansive ambient harmonies in a slow, warm embrace, utterly and effortlessly beautiful.

Expressive, emotive and exquisitely crafted, “Rising” takes its listeners on a journey through delicious layers of varying music styles fused together in unison. Sumesh Narayanan’s airy vocals float over the dreamy soundscape and speak from his soul. “Rising” showcases Sumesh Narayanan’s breadth of vision and vivid imagination, pointing towards a future with very high standards and unparalleled potency.

Verdict: Graceful.

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