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Utsavi Jha’s Hindi debut Manmaani is a pleasant track on mending a broken heart: Score Indie Reviews

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With singles such as Picnic and Word Limit, Utsavi Jha is steadily building her presence in the Indian indie space as an English-language vocalist. However, like many of her peers, she is also trying to explore her linguistic avenues. In this sense, Manmaani marks her debut Hindi single.

Set against some soothing acoustic guitar-laced arrangement, Manmaani finds Jha’s voice at its sweetest levels. Whether you like the song or not, you can’t deny that her voice offers instant comfort to the listener. Given that it’s a Hindi song, a tinge of flute goes on to add an Indianised touch to the production.

When it comes to the lyrics, the songstress relies on her brand of charming simplicity even in this case. At its core, Manmaani is about how lovers shouldn’t hold pent-up feelings inside and express themselves more freely, even if it contributes to the downfall of the relationship. One can’t help the tide of events and life can indeed be unpredictable enough to give you a broken heart.

Both Picnic and Word Limit made good use of metaphors. In the case of Manmaani, it is the lyrical video that adds a metaphorical touch to Jha’s message. The video features no one but Jha removing the petals of flowers, signifying the breakdown of a romantic relationship.

At the same time, she provides enough optimism to make her listeners understand that sometimes, we and our hearts need mending even if it isn’t our fault.As mentioned earlier, Utsavi Jha has been singing in English since her last few releases. But even while experimenting with Hindi, her control over the language is impressive and one can only wish that she continues making music in each of the two tongues. Overall, it is a decent effort that is boosted by Utsavi Jha’s final vocals.

Verdict- A soothing feel-good number revolving around heartbreak and rebuilding oneself.

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