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TXT’s 0x1=Love Song is a must-listen melancholic beauty – Score Global Music

Following their top-notch concept trailer for their 2nd studio album, Tomorrow by Together (TXT) has raised the bar higher for their fans with the latest release 0x1=Love Song featuring Seori from The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. From the music video to the song, MOAs (TXT’s Fandom) agree that TXT have outdone themselves yet again.

Just four years in the business, TXT have displayed skill – be it within vocals, concept adaptability or performance. Every comeback shows tremendous planning and is produced to give fans more of the intricate universe built around the group called Star Seekers (previously called +u), glimpses of which also manifest in the music video of 0x1=Love Song.

The group’s first collaboration track starts with a strong drum beat ,staying true to its hybrid rock pop aesthetics. Accompanied by the raspy, emo and melodic voices of TXT and Seori, the song delivers longing and nostalgia even on the first listen. Rap and vocals balance perfectly,  and the charming chorus – Say you love me, say you love me, till the end of the world– brews addiction with every listen. 


In addition to the striking melody, the lyrics are exceptionally well written by renowned writers and artists including BTS’ RM. The clever song title 0x1= Love Song draws the attention and depicts the motive of the song –  feelings of a boy who falls in love with nothing (0) to offer but still creates a love song.

The music video begins with a quote by Kang Yu-Jeong about the angst and hunger that comes with being a teenager. The quote fades into a euphoric boy running with keys in hand which might be symbolic of the escape that they long for in the storyline. Multiple scenes capture the energy and excitement of youth – the boys driving along to blasting music, swimming, and escaping the realities of life. The video also contains clues to reveal more of the +u universe.

TXT’s performance validates their much-deserved position as 4th gen legendary performers. The intense choreography, clean formations, and raw expressions draws you into the mood and emphasises the message effortlessly.

0x1=Love Song has taken the group to greater heights and found them a place on the Billboard charts – staples of a successful comeback. Their constant experimentation and prioritizing of creative quality over trends makes TXT one of a kind, and this track is a perfect example of the same. 

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