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Quirks and Queries: Purva Mantri – Score Short Reads

Quirks and Queries: Purva Mantri – Score Short Reads

How did music inspire you to get into it? Did you want to become a music artist since childhood?

Ans: I was born and brought up in Ratlam (MP) in a Marwadi family. My initial schooling started in Ratlam and then continued in Indore. My musical journey started with learning from my mother from an early age and then from Ms. Rohini Parnaik, Mr. Harshad Shevgaonkar (Maths and Music teacher), and Mr. Prabhakar Sharma (Music teachers from the New Digambar Public School, Indore).

Since childhood, my favorite artist has been Usha Uthup. Being a die-hard fan of hers would be an understatement. I have not met her yet, but I would love to. There is so much that I can learn from her. Apart from Usha Uthup Ji, I have idolised my mother.

She is a Hindustani classical singer and I got all my training from her. Her simplicity, the vibrancy in her voice, and her humbleness inspire me the most and she has been one of my biggest inspirations to follow music as my passion, and today I have also made it my profession.

Purva Mantri

What were the challenges you faced not coming from an Entertainment background?

Ans: There are so many challenges. I never even thought about so many of them when I started out but could overcome them because of my perseverance. The mantra of success in this industry just keeps going. Both creating and producing music are very difficult. In India, India is a musical country where every hundred km with change in the state, people, food, etc. the local music also changes. 

People should have an open mind and should explore new music. The independent scene is here and it will grow. So many artists are producing music on their own

Independently. One of the biggest challenges I faced was that I had no connections or any family persons in the music fraternity. But my passion and my parent’s encouragement have been enough to make me pursue my dreams.

Purva Mantri

Have you learned music from a young age? What is your favorite genre and why? 

Music comes from my maternal family as my great grandfather, grandfather, and then my mother. I used to sing bhajans and folk songs along with my grandfather and mother from a very young age. Later on, I started professional training for singing from my mother and then from my teachers. 

My favorite genres are Pop and folk because I started my singing with folk and I feel Pop suits my style and voice.  

Purva Mantri

How did the Indian music Pro league happen for you? Did you have to give an audition?

IPML was so unexpected and something I really appreciate. It has been super amazing till now. The excitement level is altogether different here because it is a one-of-a-kind reality show that provides a big platform to all the artists out here, whether big or small.

Tell us about your Mother’s Day song ‘Maa Tu Hai Na’? How did you manage to shoot it within your premises?

This song is dedicated to my mother. I and my brother Shravan Mantri released a track dedicated to our mom ‘Maa Tu Hai Na’. Hailing from Indore, she never gave up on my dreams to make it big.

Challenges and obstacles always found their way into my life, but she took it as stepping stones to success and on this journey, one person who always stood by my side was my mother, Shri Nishchala Mantri.

What is there in the pipeline?

As soon as I am ready to announce something new I am going to do so. In fact, during the lockdown I am only hoping everyone stays at home and keeps safe.

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