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Times Of India launches its Madurai leg in Style

Looks like the Naka Muka craze is not dying anytime soon.

The popular Vijay Anthony tune has quite literally taken the world by storm (most recently at the World Cup 2011) and continues to do so now in an angrezi avatar. Of course, many of you would have already tried doing this in states of hyperness or inebriation. But here’s Chinna Ponnu doing it herself and HOW! This comes as part of the Times Of India launching in Madurai.

The popular Tamil folk song broke out of Chennai like a bad case of pimples on the tip of your nose, in Times Of India’s ‘A day in the life of Chennai’ advertising spot, created by JWT Mumbai. Now here at The Score, we don’t consider TOI very capable, (or mentally well-balanced, as we’ve told you before.) but the ad, and the jingle went on the win two Gold Lions at Cannes.

[youtube_video id=0HQecsT-U7w]

nakkamukkanakkamukka=tonguenosetonguenose ( why? )

Go hit it beat it, hit it beat it! (The replay button :P)

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