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The World is just an Earphone away – Score Short Reads

The World is just an Earphone away – Score Short Reads

The world definitely has become a smaller place especially in the past “pandemic ridden” year and a half. Everything from food to clothes reaches the doorstep within clicks, school finding its way home, work at home regimens all in your hands, way you want it, the way you like. Movies from all different parts of the world is as easily accessible as talking to neighbours was 10 years ago.

Cultures are exchanged and we get to learn more of the world from just within the walls of our homes. This tailored and almost customised experience we fortunately have is probably the reason why the wide variety of gates and boundaries that different industries have crossed seems to be watered down. 

Music has also become a part of this global movement with altered playlists and favoured recommendations from different streaming platforms. Songs in languages that represent different countries are on so many playlists, almost forming a connection that is infrangible.

The pandemic although had imposed on us physical boundaries, allowed our curiosity travel to places which time didn’t allow us to before. New musicians are on the rise with their talents going viral on social media and even landing record deals through their sudden surge of popularity.

Languages and songs have become an open relationship and are no more exclusive to a listener. All this is possible thanks to social media, music apps and the power of an opinion online.

The support different music industries have been receiving has made them more open minded to exploring newer styles and reaching to opportunities which didn’t seem realistic before.

Old songs are rediscovered and are given a second chance at their credibility, tracks popularised by short trend videos actually get turned into a track allowing to different cultures to be represented and enjoyed at the same time.

It’s amazing to witness how music can be the path that steers away from endemic behaviour, convincing people enough to appreciate the cultures of world. 

Bollywood and the Indian music industry, rich with some of the most talented artists are also branching out to test waters outside India in an effort to bring people closer as well.

Butta Bomma singer Armaan Maliks recent collaboration with Eric Nam, a Korean American artist and KSHMR on their single Echo was a refreshing one to see and he surely found new fans through the track with the love it got worldwide. All the parties benefitted from the combined effort that went into the track and the song had its purpose served. 

With music being a just a gateway to different cultures, it opens the interest of people from not only music but to other aspects like food, fashion and other sources of entertainment which completely expands the persons view and perspective of the world.

The perfect example of this is the sudden explosion of K-pop as a genre all around the world in the recent years. Not only did K-pop popularise the Korean music industry but also marketed Korea’s food and fashion industry, promoted their tourism, spread awareness about situations of their country, idealised their lifestyle and established their grip on ardent K-pop fans.

The Hallyu wave that had started a few years ago has reached its peak with its grasp on the music and entertainment industry which is commendable as they have not sacrificed on the quality of the products they produce regardless.

We often fail to realise the potent effect of music on a personal and on a socio-economic scale and how a small spark of interest can set a whole culture ablaze with popularity. The change in mindset and the open-mindedness that music has brought to people truly shows that the power of music is a ubiquitous catalyst for the world to come together, slowly but surely.

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