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The Women of Indie Pop: Artists To Watch Out For This Year – Score Short Reads

The Women of Indie Pop: Artists To Watch Out For This Year – Score Short Reads

As we enter the second third decade of the 21st century, the Indian independent pop scene is bursting with female singers and songwriters who can explore more vocal and lyrical styles. Big names like Kamakshi Khanna and Aditi Ramesh are cementing their legacy while several new talents are also stepping in with their skills.

One such name can be Sanjana Devarajan who released an EP titled Mood, a set of four songs with diverse influences, incorporating both pop and electro-driven sounds. Ever since Mood’s release in 2020, she has started this year with her first Hindi-language release Bhool. Meanwhile, she has also been posting short covers where she offers her reinterpretation and experimentation of particular songs through Instagram reels and IGTV videos. 

Sanjana Devarajan

Talking about reels and IGTV, having a considerable social media presence (with an interactive and consistently-themed series of covers/originals) can always be of help in increasing an artist’s reach. A case in point is Delhi-based singer-songwriter Maaya Mattoo who has been uploading several acoustic renditions of diverse tracks ranging from classic Beatles songs to even satirical originals like her musical take on Period.

An aesthetically-pleasing visual style complements her own skills ultimately leading to a more personal and candid connection with her listeners. As for her singles, Blue Over You and Memories, For Now can be a good start for one to understand her prowess. 

Maaya Matoo

When it comes to singles, Utsavi Jha is also on her way to create a new fanbase with just a few singles forming her discography. Her latest release was the blues-rock-influenced Picnic that allowed her to delve into a tryst with human fears. Before Picnic’s serious subject matter, she also lent her voice to the chilled-out electronic track by Max Kate called Weekend.

And then, of course, the song that preceded all these new releases was Amsterdam/Thousand Miles. Jha has had globetrotting adventures all over the globe, be it her trips with her family or her solo backpacking phase (that dried up her savings, she adds). Amsterdam/Thousand Miles allows Jha to revisit those days with the universal message on how traveling ends up offering one a lot of practical life lessons. 

Utsavi Jha

Then, some indie-pop stars went the extra mile releasing not just singles but full-fledged records. For instance, Anoushka Maskey released 2 EPs in 2020 itself. These two EPs were christened Things I Saw In A Dream and C.E.A.S.E. Dropped in the gap of a month, Maskey’s efforts generally garnered a positive response from critics and audiences alike.

The former (that also marked her debut) bore traces of neo-folk offering several short, heartwarming tracks that often clock under two minutes. The titular track Things I Saw In A Dream and September Embers are arguably some of her most soothing tracks so far. 

Anoushka Maskey

Some like Frizzell D’Souza had built quite a cult following with their covers. With most of her work available on YouTube, some of D’Souza’s acoustic covers like that of Kasoor (by Prateek Kuhad) or All I Want (by Kodaline) delivered a noteworthy response in terms of statistics while keeping her audiences hooked.

And then, she dropped her debut single simply titled New. A moving track on the trials and tribulations of a tumultuous relationship, the Bengaluru-based artist wrote, sang, and produced the track during the phase of the lockdown. 

Frizzell D’Souza

Contrasting with her themes, Nida Siddiqui’s single Butterflies gave a more positive perspective, documenting the experience one might feel when one truly falls in love for the first time (using ‘butterflies in the stomach’ as an analogy). Siddiqui again belongs to the pantheon of new-age artists who are sowing the seeds of their future fanbase with highly promising singles. An older single of her that can give listeners a further taste of her music can be 2019’s And I’ll Love. 

Nida Siddiqui

To put it in a nutshell, these artists are experimenting with their styles and genres in their own unique ways that might eventually shape the course of the so-called ‘indie scene’ in the not-too-distant future…

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