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Home-grown goodness: Revenge of Meenakshi by Trash Talk

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I’m a sucker for stories, regardless of the medium. Good art, after all, is simply the telling of stories that matter to the artist. If things go well, the story begins to matter to everyone else, too.

Bangalore-based band Trash Talk’s EP tells the story of an android named Meenakshi who wants to avenge the devastation of her town by humans. Thought experiment : Imagine Meenakshi set in Battlestar Galactica. Good story?

Trash Talk’s music is strikingly stimulating. Its downright hardcore, but manages to have fun with itself. Metal is known for being very straight-faced about the points it makes (You try telling Slayer fans that Infernal slaves of manipulation/Captive of my vice/Abandon God, the helpless one/To relieve you of your plight is not serious). Incorporating rap is a particular example of how the band intentionally plays with the still strictly adhered to technicalities of heavy metal.

Technically severe elements are not remotely sacrificed, rather they are tempered with alternatives to well-worn riffs and adrenaline-inducing breakdowns. It is impossible not to be charmed by the diversity of influences informing the three songs; you cannot help but respect how much music these guys must listen to.

In conclusion, listen. Then listen again.

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