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The Score Magazine June 2021 issue!

On the cover this June, we have the multi dimensional artist Karsh Kale who talks about his latest album Touch-1 and a little about part 2 coming out in July. 

Take a look at the best electronic drum amps available. Interviews: Priyanka Khimani, Keshav Dhar & Shamir Tandon. 

Score Indie Quickie with Anisha AOD

Read our monthly column “A cup of music, a gallon of life” on the topic What makes Raagas different from other music this month

Learn more about the anatomical analogy between human body and Saraswati Veena.

Make Your iPhone Videos Sound Better. Find out how!

Read about: Musings of The Viral Music, The Social Media Tunes Everyone’s Dancing To

Studio Tour: Kings & Prophets Studio, Aizawl

Music Tech: Sidechain Compression 101 What is It

Also read: The Best Softwares to Spice Up Your Beat Making, Top Opera Performances of all time

Catch all this and much more, in the June issue  of The Score Magazine!

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