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The NAMM Show 2024 on the cover of March 2024 issue!

NAMM Show Unveiled: Our Top Picks and Show Highlights!

In conversation with the president John Mlyznczak

Music Tech: How to Scratch Like A Pro With Your DJ Controller?

Also inside: 8 eye-catchy products showcased at The NAMM Show 2024 that one cannot afford to miss, The Very Best Tools To Spice Up Your Mixes As A DJ, What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Backing Tracks in Classical Music and more. 

Embracing India’s rich heritage: EQUALS, India’s Folk Music Odyssey on OTT”

How To Optimize Your DAW?

The Very Best Tools To Spice Up Your Mixes As A DJ

What Are Noise Gates?

The Most Exciting Educational Events of NAMM 2024

In conversation with Pete, The NAMM Show

The Psychology of Musical Preference

What is An Audio Compressor And Why Should You Use It?

Music industry trends to watch out for in 2024

5 insane audio technologies unveiled by Audio Technica at The NAMM Show 2024

3 Innovative Audio Solutions from Shure: Highlights from NAMM 2024

The Multiverse of magical Gear is here!!

Most Memorable Academy-Winning Original Songs

Female Indie Artists Who Are Rocking the Music Industry

Effects of Music Education on a Student’s Overall Academic Performance

Emergence of Gen Z Influencers in Music

Music Instruments that Have Become Obsolete in the 21st Century

NFTs in the Music Industry

Role of VR and AR Technologies in Transforming Music Classrooms

7 Carnatic Ragas You Cannot afford to miss listening in 2024

7 Must Follow Tips for Live Drumming

Homage to the greatest ever Hindustani Vocalist- Rashid Khan

Significance of non-devotional compositions of Saint Thyagaraja

Sustainability in Music Festivals

The 7 Eras of Western Classical Music

The Evolution of Music Production in the Technology-driven Era

The Impact of Streaming Apps on Global Music Consumption

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