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The Making Of a Master by Harman Professional India

HARMAN has consistently been working closely with musicians for a long time. As they say, the true beauty of music is only unveiled when it comes through in an unadulterated, untainted and ideal manner.

The #MakingOf contest is an artist outreach program through which Harman connects with budding independent musicians and familiarize them with brand. It is an open invitation to individuals and / or bands to send in a cover of their favorite song. The winner stands to get a one year endorsement deal with HARMAN Professional India.

India is filled with immense talent and countless budding independent musicians. It is constructive for HARMAN Professional India as well to open the lines of communication and educate about their products (along with technical knowledge, should the need or chance arise) in their initial stages itself.

Entries will be accepted until the 30th of June, at the end of which HARMAN endorsees Kabir Café will judge the entries and zero-in on 10 finalists in the first 10 days of July. The submissions of the 10 chosen finalists will then be put up for voting for about 15 days, until 31st July 2017.

The contestant with the maximum number of votes wins a 1 year endorsement deal, which entails access to Harman’s professional-grade equipment, helping their music bloom.

For more details on the terms and conditions and exciting prizes, visit:


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