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The Magnets: On their band, India tour and upcoming projects!

Tell us about your band

The band formed 22 years ago when some of the guys met at university at London. They decided to sing together in a place called Covent Garden in London where you can perform on the street for money; when the guys had earned enough money to go to the pub and buy a few pints they’d stop singing and start drinking! Several years (and many pints) later they graduated from university and decided to try and see if they could make a living singing….and here we are all these years later.
What makes your band special?

Well, it’s the amazing varieties of talents that we have in the group. For example our beatboxer BallZee is a 3-time world championship winner in beatboxing. Also the band has been around for nearly 20 years now performing around the world and what makes us stand apart is we integrate the local language songs in our performances wherever we go. So this time for India we have some Bollywood hits.

Tell us about the India tour

One of the greatest privileges of our job is that we get to travel all over the world and sing. With that privilege comes a responsibility to listen to everyone and every place that you meet. So we hope to learn a lot about Indian music, about Indian culture and about the Indian people. Oh, and we’re going to EAT. We LOVE Indian food and can’t wait to try everything on offer. Also our production house AGP World which is known for their production values also making sure the show is a complete package of entertainment experience.  We are really enjoying our India tour; so far we’re been to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Agra…all are so different and so amazing. In the years to come we can’t wait to get to see new venues and cities.

Upcoming projects: A brief

After we leave India we will start preparing for some Christmas shows in the UK and then we are touring Australia in January 2018 – always busy!!

Tell us about your collaboration with Natalie Di Luccio.

Our Indian promoter AGP suggested we partner with Natalie and when we met her we got along really well straight away. She’s an amazing talent and has done brilliantly to establish herself in Mumbai. In fact, she’s the perfect person to introduce us to Indian music and help us with the Indian music scene.

Any artists in India you would like to collaborate with?

Sure this tour we are meeting and getting to know lot of Indian artists. We also did a workshop in Delhi where lot of enthusiasts beat boxer came. So next time around let’s see if we can collaborate with more local artits and broden the show.







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