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New Single From Joshish!

Those progressive rockers from Middle India – Bhopal, in this case – Joshish are out with the second single from the album they’ve promised us by early next year. Through 5 years and still, Joshish have played numerous concerts across the country, and even shifted base to Mumbai, in line with their burgeoning ambitions.

Maujood is the new song, and in the couple of days it’s been online, it has already been embedded on Facebook profiles and minds all across the nation.

It follows Betukay Betukay-JOSHISH by JOSHISH (click the play!)

as the second single release from the yet-to-be-released album, and is probably more streamlined to the mainstream. Aside from the love balladry, which is as universal as music gets, Maujood also has superfluous instrument sections that make for an extremely pleasant listen. Besides, Sameer Rahat, who also doubled up as producer and mixer for this song, does a great job of the lyrical soul-searching as the needy romantic vocalist.  

Betukay was more hardcore, on the flip side. It’s already been on sale on Napster, iTunes and Amazon, effectively giving it a worldwide release. Maujood should definitely follow it there, and then onto your computers.  

Till then, you can hop, skip and listen to the new track here:

Over here; (click play!)


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