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The Great Indian October Fest Heads Your Way

The Great Indian October Fest (TGIOF) plays out this weekend at the KTPO Grounds in Whitefield, Bangalore. We might not spell our October with K’s, but this event is intent on proving our love for parties and beer – lots and lots of it.

Common Colors are organizing the 7th edition of this peculiarly Indian iteration of the original Bavarian festival that draws people from over the world to Munich every October. TGIOF will run for three days, from 11th to 13th of November.

It’s been an express wish of the organizers to instill the Indian flavor to the proceedings, but this year’s event is panning out to be the most exuberant and cosmopolitan yet, with slated performances by Icelandic rock biggies, Poets of the Fall, and the cover band, Queen.

[youtube_video id=zRVrQsdWDds]

How can you NOT know this song?!

The Indian ‘flavour’ in music

It will come from artists like Ram Sampath, DJ Suketu and Jalebee Cartel; all of whom are scheduled to perform at the show. Besides, a contrived Sunset Strip will be set up at the event, where lesser known bands will have dedicated stalls to showcase their music and merchandise, and have closer interactions with fans, music producers and club owners who’re expected to be heading there.

And it’s not October Fest without beer, so keep your lookout for a smorgasbord of drinking options, all sponsored by Bangalore’s very own beer giants, Kingfisher. There are even limited edition TGIOF beer cans being sold at liquor stores around the country for the duration of this festival, if you want a souvenir of that kind.

More is to come, with a sprawling food court and multi-levelled shopping on offer, according to the event brief; everything designed with huge crowds in mind. Which, we’re told, was the clinching factor in the choosing of Whitefield as the venue for this event. There are even contingent plans for a parking space that will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 cars.

If you’re still feeling sketchy about going, after the ruckus surrounding the organizing of The Metallica concert, then you’re just paranoid. Everything here looks set to go the way of fun and frolic, so get your tickets and clear out the weekend. 

We, at Score Magazine, will definitely be making it; what, with our inquenchable thirst for fun and music. And well, the beer too. 

The tickets are here:

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