Duck Sauce’s Controversial New Video

How ridiculous is truly ridiculous? That’s an interesting question for the budding impresarios of the world, because once you breach the limit of ridiculous, you actually just become riotously funny.

Dance duo, Duck Sauce, are already there. The concept behind their new ‘Big Bad Wolf’ video probably wouldn’t have been something you’d laugh at, if you heard about it. You might even convince yourself to dislike it. But once you see the video, the off-the-scale absurdity gets to you, and you’re pointing and laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

So we have men and women who have a face, instead of the usual nether fixings down there. The face spits out urine, and even vomits out ejaculate, when the guy above gets too excited. The men must walk around with a facial imprint on their trouser fronts. But it’s okay, and they’re groomed by their owners like little friendly outgrowths, even having their teeth brushed and their hair gelled.

Duck Sauce have often complained about how dance music videos have become generic and unexciting these days. Well, we’re glad they’ve gone and done something about it.

Outlandish, it may be, but the comic detailing in the music video is fantastic, right from the bearded girl at the base of the fat lady, or the ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ sharing a post-coital cigarette with their owners.  

Sample the video here;

[youtube_video id=XKMoVAObbhE]

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