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The Bombay Bicycle Club Go Rub-A-Dub

Bombay Bicycle Club have given us a sneak preview to their new ‘Leave It’ EP, due for release on January 1st, 2012, with the online release of the rub-a-dub cover of the song ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’, from their previous album, A Different Kind Of Fix.

A Different Kind Of Fix was released last August, and it garnered reasonable critical acclaim in their native UK for its poignant effervescence. Lights Out, Words Gone itself received widespread airplay, culminating in a heartwarming little video to go along with it.

Check it out below – especially that overweight gay couple dancing together, who don’t seem they could be any happier.

[youtube_video id=vglxk3JbHnQ]

The video really does manage to linger over, and sing out to the universal struggle for happiness – some tasteful mush there.

The rub-a-dub version, which will be one of four tracks on the new EP, is essentially the same song with reggae lacings, except the band would rather call it rub-a-dub, as guitarist Jamie MacColl explains; “I don’t know why we didn’t just put reggae – but if I saw Bombay Bicycle Club reggae version’ I’d probably run for the hills”

What’s the difference? Not much, unless you’re a reggae purist, at which point Jack Steadman’s very North London accent might seem anachronistic – but not really bothersome.

But it’s a good spin off on the original – insofar as you can call it that. Because, really, it sounds like its own song. The downbeat tempo creates a very temporal ambience, without rushes. Not as much of a hip-swiveler as the original, but it moves nonetheless.

Lend an ear or two >> CLICK!

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