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The Big Junction Jam Festival!


The Big Junction Jam Festival  at Palace Grounds on the 18th and 19th of June guarantees two full days of fun, food, art and awesome music. 

Come this June witness the biggest confluence of music, art and food of the year. The Big Junction Jam is being held at Nalpad Pavillion (Palace Grounds) Bangalore on the 18th and 19th of June. 

The Music Festival
Will feature 10 headlining acts of TEN different Genres of music like folk rock,blues, Jazz, rock, metal, funk, carnatic to name a few. The biggest integration of all these genres on one massive stage for 6 hours on each evening. Apart from these 10 bands headlining the two evenings, the day is gonna be filled with 15 semi-pro bands of all genres showcasing their music for 6 hours during each day.

The Food Festival
Chefs and bakers from different hotel management institutes will set up a food festival to showcase new forms of cooking styles, new recipes, and creative representation of food. One of the highlight of the food festival is the HeadBangers kitchen.

The Art Festival
Visual Artists of all kinds will be at the festival doing live art and setting up art galleries, conducting workshops, putting up tattoo parlors, face-painting sessions etc. Craftsmen of different kinds will set up a flea market consisting of artifacts made of used paper, creative wall hangings and clothes to name a few.

The festival also includes a flea market, a fabric print specializing studio and a tattoo parlour. 

For a complete list of bands and events check out the Facebook event page here

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