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Darbar apologizes for accusing Rahman.


After rumours about the Oscar panel planning to sue Ismail Darbar for $50 million over the Oscar comment, he apologises saying he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

On May 31st, music composer turned director Ismail Darbar accused the legendary AR Rahman of having bought the oscars in 2009 for best original music score (Slumdog Millionaire) and best original song (Jai Ho).

Two years after the memorable victory, in an interview with the Times Of India, Darbar said “I have said this 1,000 times and will say it again that Rahman has bought the Oscar. Rahman is not a great music composer, he is a good sound designer. And secondly, there is nothing in the world today which can’t be bought.”

A few days later, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences backed Rahman,“It is not unusual for an individual to express the view that Academy members selected the wrong recipient for a particular award, but to charge that a win was achieved by underhanded means is unprecedented and preposterous” Academy publicist Teni Melidonian said in an e-mail to IANS.

On hearing what the oscar panel had to say Darbar apologized “I did say some things about Rahman, because as a friend I want to jolt him out of his reverie and start composing good music. I have nothing against the Oscars. It is the most respected award,the whole world acknowledges it and I do too. If any of them (academy) are hurt by my comments, I apologise to them”.

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