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Tenzing vents out his frustration and emotions in Rishte, a youth hip-hop anthem: Score Indie Reviews

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With some mellow guitaring adorning Rishtey’s opening seconds, one
would harbour false thoughts of this being a pretty calm song. Instead
rapper Tenzing unapologetically rants in a straightforward, honest
testament of his growing-up years.

His latest single Rishtey details how he has faced judgement and betrayal from most of the relatives and friends around him. He just values what his father told him and pushes himself forward to attain his goals and release his EP. These lyrics sound genuinely honest and might resonate a lot with younger demographics who might face frustration as they come of age.

Tenzing’s flow is on-point all through the verses and the catchy hook.
The contrast between his rants and the calming background instrumentals present a good contrast and mix well with each other. In an age when many hip-hop artists resort to ‘flexing’ and showing off their superiority in comparison to other rappers, artists like Tenzing are adding a more honest, autobiographical take to the genre.

Tenzing’s Rishte tells his story in a poetic manner but some of its
themes as mentioned above, would be relatable for some. And at the
end of the day, if a musician’s work is relatable to the audience, the
musician has indeed made an impact.

Verdict: Tenzing hates a few relatives and friends but he definitely
respects his listeners as is evident from this honest, poetic rant of a

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