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Ruhee Ahamed is no fool as she helms a powerful ballad of love with Maybe I’m Foolish: Score Indie Reviews

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A member of the Bryden & Parth ensemble, Bangalore based vocalist
Ruhee Ahamed seems to be chanelling her inner Celine Dion with her
debut single Maybe I’m Foolish, a moving track on themes of love and
the expectations that come with it.

Ahamed displays her vocal prowess to the fullest, varying her range through the duration of the song. In particular, a crescendo towards the
end results in an extremely soothing experience of the years. The lyrics
too play their part in contributing to the simple yet heartfelt nature of the

All in all, Ruhee Ahamed surely sounds like she’s singing straight from her
heart and soul and one would wonder how her raw, (mostly) unfiltered voice would sound if she performs Maybe I’m Foolish on the live stage.
The single is a part of her upcoming EP titled Things I Have To Say. It’ll
be pretty amusing to see what her future discography would sound like
as her work with Bryden & Parth ensemble is already noteworthy and
the new single goes on to show that the songstress can hold her ground
in a solo track too.

Verdict: You would be a fool to not appreciate Ruhee Ahamed’s Maybe
I’m Foolish.

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