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10 Ultimate Songs of Supremely talented KK – Score Short Reads

Ten Ultimate Songs of Supremely talented KK

Not all singers are good in every genre that comes across. While some singers love to sing melodies, some like to pep-up their singing style. But can you remember that singer who can sing almost every genre and tug your heartstrings with his passionate voice that melts you down. When you hear him singing a pathos song, the emotional pull is incredible.

But he also sang some foot-tapping dance numbers which is quite a rarity. We are talking about the legendary singer KK who had a tragic demise. It is indeed a terrible loss for musicians as well as music lovers. But we firmly believe his music will live on and here we bring you ten ultimate songs of the vocal thunderstorm:

  • Tadap Tadap- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam: The pain of estrangements are not a rarity in love. But the departing becomes painful when KK sang this song to thousandfold. The amazing range he presents in this song shook Bollywood from its very foundations.
  • Pyaar Ke Pal- KK : From his private album that created waves all over India, this song is an eternal masterpiece. 
  • Sach Keheraha Hai- Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein: Known for his passionate estrangements songs, this song is another fantastic number. Harris Jayaraj’s fresh arrangements were like a huge rage those days- when the song released. Even in 2022, the song gives the same intensity and pain of lost love.
  • Ye Mera Jahan (Telugu)- Kushi: KK was not just adept in Hindi, he gave fantastic diction in other language movies as well. Interestingly, this song is a Hindi lyric song but the power and punch of KKs voice can be heard magically throughout the song. Without KK< this song would have been that much of a success.
  • Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai- Gangster:  This song is a classic example of KKs ability to express love in words and his lilting vocals. With unbelievable vocal range, emphasis on diction and high passion towards singing- that is KK for you.
  • Ninaithu Ninaithu Paarthal (Tamil)-7/g Rainbow Colony:  A song of most painful separation – no Tamil music lover can forget this rendition. Observe his fantastic diction of the language despite being a non-native.
  • Zara Si Dil Mein- Jannat: By the time Jannat released, KK became the right choice for all those passionate and romantic duets.  He hardly gives space for the female singer to show her prowess- such was his impact.
  • Ajab Si- Om Shanti Om: With a slightly different theme over here, KK brings the love in the form of admiration through his voice. The sense of wonder, amazement, and thrill of watching a film star by a common man was greatly depicted in this song.
  • Khuda Jaane- Bachna Ae Haseeno: Another lovable duet with three octave range singing which can be done only by KK. The song slowly builds up its crescendo and takes the singer along towards a remarkable journey.
  • Daayi Daayi Daamma (Telugu)- Indra: It would be surprising to know that KK has sung a dance number for a star like Chiranjeevi and here is the fun part. We can observe the funkier side of KK in this song throughout.

Score offers their saddest condolences to KK and his family members. But his music will live on and inspire millions of listeners for generations to come. 

Ten Ultimate Songs of Supremely talented KK - Score Short Reads
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