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“Teens Rock- The Battle of Bands” is an initiative for promoting music playing and performance amongst teenagers. The idea is to provide a platform to teenagers to showcase their talent and interest in music which often goes unnoticed, otherwise. The band contest will be judged by accomplished musicians who are known nationally in the field of music. In addition to the reward for the winners, the band contest will be covered by print media and effectively publicized on social media to generate maximum leverage for the school and its participants.

This concept works on 3 fundamentals Reaching out to schools – Inviting them to participate in competition—After Event Activities.

In above mentioned phases; Yamaha MI team members along with respective participating music square members make personal visit to top schools of the area and meet music teachers/ principals and invite them to participate. Apart from visits emailers and hardcopy documents are being sent beforehand for invitation. Once the school register themselves they are invited for auditions at Yamaha Music Square and from there on they go on to perform in finals (if selected in auditions). This gives a nice platform to these academic students and also they get to meet their musical idols, whom we invite to judge the finale.

Indian Ocean is headlining and judging the Grand Finale scheduled for 17th November in Bangalore. Details are enclosed in the poster!

Teens Rock Battle of Bands

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