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The Family Cheese set to release their new album!

The Family Cheese is a Progressive-Carnatic-Rock Band that plays a very specific and unique blend of fusion that encompasses a diverse range of influences from both the east and west with a strong preference towards the south-Indian.

The Family Cheese takes this grand tradition from their time spent studying Carnatic music in Tamil Nadu and infuses it with their own western childhood influences ranging from classic rock to punk and electronic dance music.

Their debut album is a collection of eight songs in eight different styles, a strong move away from the era of singles and three minute radio hits as the the entire music industry moves towards the future of the Information Age. The albums starts with a rap song about the life of a teenage Bawa boy just trying to find some alone time with his non- parse girlfriend before chaos ensues. Then the band takes the listener through a flight and crash in space in the eight minute Carnatic opus B.O.O.B before the narrative returns to our Bawa boy looking in the mirror and writing a song about the different mind space we all share in UNIR.

The bands debut album is a collection of songs written over years of travelling the breath of the country, from Gujarat to Nagaland and from Delhi to Puducherry as they started out their journey as a young band. They speak of childhood fantasies turning into mundane realities we try and comprehend alone, before reaching out to friends and society around us. They have soundscapes, cinematic scores to imaginary journeys and the very real experience of a chaotic auto ride with an even crazier auto driver. The Family Cheese LP is the record of three young minds growing into their instruments and their songs growing with them; three minds that cannot help but be inspired by the world around them. The shared human experience through a prism of constantly changing perspective, changing only through the ears of the listener one at a time or a large public audience.

The Family Cheese LP was recorded at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai, It was produced by Shantanu Hudlikar who also mixed the album with assistant engineers Abhishek Khandelwal and Manasi Tare. The rare opportunity to record as a live band in one of the largest studios in Asia was not missed, the classic studio sound of three musicians in a large room is often digitally simulated but cannot truly be re-produced. This sound is brought to life through a NEVE 88R mixing console, and every NEVE is both unique and highly sought after as the best in the world for almost fifty years. The Album was then mastered by renowned mastering engineer Chris Athens formerly of Sterling Sound, whose recent credits include several billboard top ten albums in the US.

The Family Cheese LP Lunch Tour kicks off in Mumbai and travels to every corner of the country and back throughout the months of December 2016 and January-March 2017. The Tour coincides with the release online through OK listen, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music worldwide on November 23rd 2016.

Watch this space for more!


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