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Tapas’s Gaihaan is a rousing rock anthem: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based alt-rockers Tapas seem to be having a good 2020 following
the release of their second EP Jazb. Their recent single Gaihaan also
spells out the fact that Tapas is an act to watch out for. The 5-minute rock
ballad is a motivating track that would really connect with the youthful
demographic that listens to bands like The Local Train and Parvaaz.

The song starts off with some moving vocals by guitarist Akshay Redekar
who is then eventually joined by lead vocalist Ninad Bhat. Bhat’s voice is
powerful yet mellow all through the song as he croons about facing
challenges and never thinking that you’re inadequate. The word ‘Gaihaan’
itself means the universe or the world. Through these lyrics, Tapas tries to
tell us that we are the world in ourselves if we believe so. The last minute
of the song deserves a special mention as Bhat stretches his voice and
percussionist Joshua D’Souza’s drumming builds pace. The resulting
refrain creates an air of inspiration and is bound to raise the listener’s

The good-enough standard indie rock production aside, Tapa’s Gaihaan
benefits from a simple yet catchy hook that increases its catchability and
supports the fact that Tapas is a group that has a lot of potential for
creating meaningful and soulful rock.

Verdict: Gaihaan channels Tapas’s anthemic qualities in a very moving,
inspiring composition.

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