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Tanya Nambiar – Midnight Run is Gorgeously Groovy: Score Indie Reviews

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Tanya Nambiar is a New Delhi based singer-songwriter, anchor and voice-over artist. Her association with music started very early. She was part of a school-band and participated in many music competitions. Even after her graduation when she started a full-time job, Tanya Nambiar used to attend karaoke nights and eventually started hosting them too. Even though she was actively involved with music, she still saw it as a hobby, doing it on the sides while doing a full time corporate job.

Tanya Nambiar’s real musical journey began when she left her full time job and formed her band ‘Gravy Train’. After a two and a half year run, the band broke up and Tanya Nambiar started working towards pursuing a solo career. While writing songs, she also got into voice acting and anchoring. In 2015, she launched herself as a solo artist and has been going strong ever since. In 2019, she won the VIMA Global Music Award for her single “Two Lost Souls”.

As an artist, she doesn’t like restricting herself to a particular genre. Tanya Nambiar’s definition of her music is “easy listening”. Interestingly enough, she also has her own sauce brand called ‘El Diablo’. And now the strong, husky voiced songstress has released her saucy new electro-pop single “Midnight Run” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

The track starts with an eccentric intro that heralds the arrival of the rich and powerful voice of Tanya Nambiar. It’s not powerful in the high end “shatter wine goblets” way, it’s more powerful on the low end instead. Tanya Nambiar’s voice is a perfect embodiment of eyes lined with kohl, colours spinning through alcohol and the night as a whole. The sultry and rich tone forms the perfect pair of training shoes for embarking on this “Midnight Run” (pun intended).

And a run it is indeed, especially when the infectiously groovy beat kicks in. Good luck trying to stay still when that happens. Tanya Nambiar’s vocals keep galloping over the beat with ease. She delivers her lines with effortless grace. Her rich vocal tone makes the delivery even more expressive. She does sound very distinct throughout the track. Her voice is very memorable and extremely recognizable. Don’t get us wrong, she has sung “Midnight Run” remarkably well, but it’s her vocal timbre that well and truly stands out. 

Musically, “Midnight Run” has the right mix of instruments which will make it a perfect track to groove to. Fat bass lines layered over strong drums gives the track a very infectious groove and you are bound to break a leg or two as Tanya Nambiar goes runnin’ runnin’ runnin’. 

“Midnight Run” is different from Tanya Nambiar’s previous work, and it’s definitely an experiment that has succeeded brilliantly. Don’t listen to this track when you go for your run, you will most likely stop running and start dancing on the streets.

Verdict: Strong, sultry, sensational.

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