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Tamil Band – Hello Brahma: Score Indie Reviews

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Tamil Band consists of Melvin M Ranjan on vocals & guitars, Joel Bruce on bass, Prassanna Sukumar on drums, songwriter Kenny Wesley on keyboards and Archer D’ Costa handling the sound designing and mastering. One of the most promising artists out of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Band has released their latest track “Hello Brahma” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

It’s so rare to hear a group of musicians that are this good across the board, especially during one of their early collaborations. The songwriting, performing and production of Hello Brahma by Tamil Band is quite astounding.

Every single member has knocked it out of the park with his performances. The production, mixing, mastering and sound design are on point. Throughout your journey with “Hello Brahma”, you will find yourself relaxing to the mesmerizing beats or utilizing the punchier rhythms to get you through the day. 

However, there is more than enough musical substance in “Hello Brahma” to make you focus on the music when it plays. You can hear all the individual musical elements clearly throughout the album without sounding cumbersome. Everything is mixed crisp without sounding sterile. The more you play this track, the more you would want the Tamil Band to continuously release new tracks.

Tamil Band’s new track “Hello Brahma” will grab your attention and keep it. There is quite a lot of musical delight to explore and savour. Just like the band, “Hello Brahma” is a real treasure and something you should definitely keep an eye out for.

Verdict: On point.

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